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The Regional Municipality of Durham was established in 1974 and became one of four regional governments in the greater Toronto area.  Durham Region consists of the following eight municipalities:  Ajax, Brock, Clarington, Oshawa, Pickering, Scugog, Uxbridge, and Whitby.

Durham Region lies just east of Toronto in southern Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe.

The southern portion of Durham is greatly urban and recently is experiencing rapid growth in all three sectors of residential, industrial and commercial. Northern Durham is mostly rural and enjoys a thriving agricultural sector. Northern Durham lies within the Ontario-designated Greenbelt and contains the environmentally sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine.

Area: 2,537sq. km 

Durham Region Real Estate Market Trends

Durham Region, along with much of the Greater Toronto area has held steady, aggressive growth in 2016 with prices in Durham averaging 14.1% more since the end of 2015, where the average Durham Region home sold for $442,082 (includes MLS® statistical data through 5/31/2016).

  • Durham Region Home Price Average 2015:  $442,082
  • Durham Region Home Price Average 2014:  $391,692
  • Durham Region Home Price Average 2013:  $357,529
  • Durham Region Home Price Average 2012:  $335,991
  • Durham Region Home Price Average 2011:  $317,232

Durham Region Demographics

Durham Region Population:

  • Census population 1991 - 409,070
  • Census population 1996 - 458,616
  • Census population 2001 - 506,901
  • Census population 2006 - 561,258
  • Census population 2011 - 608,124
  • Total estimated population 2016 - 656,055
  • Total male population (2014) - 320,881
  • Total female population (2014) - 332,686

Durham Region Households (2011):

  • Total number of households - 220,598
  • Average number of persons in household - 2.81
  • Average household income - $ 64,041

Durham Region Citizenship & Residency:

  • With Canadian citizenship 582,845
  • With citizenship other than Canadian 18,740

Durham Region Knowledge of Languages other than English or French; Top 5:

  1. Italian - 8,880
  2. Spanish - 7,830
  3. Filipino - 7,540
  4. Urdu- 7,005
  5. German - 5,840

Durham Region MLS® Communities

Oshawa:  Beaton, Centennial, Central, Columbus, Donevan, Eastdale, Farewell, Kedron, Lakeview, McLaughlin, Northglen, Northwood, O'Neill, Pinecrest, Raglan, Rural Oshawa, Samac, Stevenson, Taunton, VanierWindfields

Whitby:  Blue Grass Meadows, Brooklin, Downtown Whitby, Lynde Creek, Port Whitby, Pringle Creek, Rolling Acres, Rural Whitby, Taunton North, Whitby IndustrialWilliamsburg

Pickering:  Amberlea, Bay Ridges, Brock Industrial, Brock Ridge, Duffin Heights, Dunbarton, Highbush, Liverpool, Rosebank, Rouge Park, Rougemount, Rural Pickering, Town Centre, Village East, West ShoreWoodlands

Ajax:  Central, Central East, Central West, Northeast Ajax, Northwest Ajax, South EastSouth West

Clarington:  Bowmanville, Courtice, Newcastle, OronoRural Clarington

Scugog:  Blackstock, Port PerryRural Scugog

Brock:  Beaverton, Cannington, Rural BrockSunderland

Uxbridge:  Rural UxbridgeUxbridge

Important Durham Region Links:

Region of Durham:  Regional Council 2014-2018

Regional Chairperson and CEO:  

Town of Ajax:

  • Mayor Steve Parish
  • Councillor Shaun Collier
  • Councillor Colleen Jordan
  • 905-683-4550
  • contactus@ajax.ca
  • www.ajax.ca

Township of Brock:

Municipality of Clarington:

  • Mayor Adrian Foster
  • Councillor Joe Neal
  • Councillor Willie Woo
  • 905-623-3379
  • info@clarington.net
  • www.clarington.net

City of Oshawa:

  • Mayor John Henry
  • Councillor John Aker
  • Councillor Dan Carter
  • Councillor Bob Chapman
  • Councillor Nancy Diamond
  • Councillor Amy McQuaid-England
  • Councillor John Neal
  • Councillor Nester Pidwerbecki
  • 905-436-3311
  • service@oshawa.ca
  • www.oshawa.ca

City of Pickering:

  • Mayor Dave Ryan
  • Councillor Kevin Ashe
  • Councillor Bill McLean
  • Councillor David Pickles
  • 905-420-2222
  • customercare@pickering.ca
  • www.pickering.ca

Township of Scugog:

  • Mayor Tom Rowett
  • Councillor Bobbie Drew
  • 905-985-7346
  • 905-985-7393
  • mail@scugog.ca
  • www.scugog.ca

Township of Uxbridge:

  • Mayor Gerri Lynn O'Connor
  • Councillor Jack Ballinger
  • 905-852-9181
  • info@town.uxbridge.on.ca
  • www.town.uxbridge.on.ca

Town of Whitby:

  • Mayor Don Mitchell
  • Councillor Derrick Gleed
  • Councillor Joe Drumm
  • Councillor Elizabeth Roy
  • 905-668-5803
  • clerks@whitby.ca
  • www.whitby.ca

Durham's 20 Newest MLS® Property Listings

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